GP ONE Tool is the advanced system revolutionizing tool management and identification. With its effectiveness, this tool interacts directly with CNC machines, improving production precision and quality. Additionally, GP ONE Tool significantly reduces tool change times, increasing production process efficiency.

With GP ONE Tool, there is complete control over tool management, enabling the company to achieve extraordinary results in your production activities.

Intuitive and clear. Rapid and necessary.

With GP ONE Tool, you can quickly load your tools using RFID or QR technologies, making them available in an organized database with dedicated sheets, divided by warehouse.

All the data of your tools in real-time.

Within the sheets, you can find real-time data on their wear status, a photo of the tool, and all its technical characteristics, which can also be modified.

Find what you need. Immediately.

Thanks to advanced filters, you can decide which tools to display based on relevant features and make your search faster and more effective.

Is there a problem? GP ONE Tool alerts you.

When a tool reaches its wear limit, the system automatically detects the status and sends a notification to the team leader, preventing machine downtime.

Connect all machines in your company.

GP ONE Tool software connects with any CNC machine in your company, with the possibility of connecting more than one machine at a time.

Many advantages, one solution.

By adopting GP ONE Tool for your company, you will gain a significant economic advantage: you optimize tool usage, speed up system loading, and avoid human typing errors.

Thanks to these features, you can recoup your investment in a few months.

Furthermore, GP ONE Tool area can be integrated with other products in the GP ONE suite, such as MES and Program, to offer a complete and integrated solution for company management.

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