GP ONE Program is the application that simplifies the management, transmission, and storage of all programs used in an engineering company. It offers the possibility to manage them in one place, easily share them with collaborators, and archive them securely and in an easy accessible way. This area allows saving time and improving work efficiency by using a single platform.

GP ONE Program offers many functionalities to manage the program archives of machine tools.

Among the main features, you can save and manage part programs, including revisions and the related metadata, such as the customer or drawing.

This area also offers management of machine incoming program storage with comparison functionalities, as well as the management of the tool list.

Thanks to the automatic metadata population feature directly from the part program, you can populate the archive with information such as customer, drawing, and tool list.

GP ONE Program includes an integrated editor for g-code editing and an integrated comparison editor between part programs.

Transmission of part programs to machines can occur in many ways, such as serial transmission via network or through protocols like Fanuc, Heidenhain, Shared Folder, and FTP.

It’s also possible to transfer part programs from machines to the central archive and the program archive is accessible from any PC connected to the network.

Furthermore, the system offers the possibility to define multi-level credentials to access the system.

GP ONE Program can be integrated with other products in the GP ONE suite, such as MES and Tool, to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution for company management.

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