The system that allows monitoring energy efficiency through real-time analysis and control of CNC machine consumption and company assets, using an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.

GP ONE Green solution has been created with Industry 5.0 in mind.

GP ONE Green

With GP ONE Green, it is possible to monitor in real-time the machinery and assets consuming the most energy, providing detailed numerical information on daily energy consumption in different units of measurement, or monthly consumption details.

The system enables interception and monitoring of all machine consumptions such as motors, pumps, and compressed air.

Through an intuitive dashboard, the system highlights updated data on both periodic efficiency and machine performance.

Furthermore, GP ONE Green displays peak hourly consumption for the entire machine fleet over the last 7 days.

For example, the program can also provide an overview of consumption related to programs or machine tools that have the most impact during a selected period.

GP ONE Green can be used alongside other products in the GP ONE suite, or it can be installed individually.

GP ONE Green is a useful tool for monitoring consumption in terms of ESG compliance (Environment, Social, Governance).

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