OSL is now part of Overmach group, a leading company in Italy in the tooling and machine tools field. Overmach was founded in Parma in 1978 and traces its roots back to the historic company Salvatore Marchelli, which has been operating since 1817. From the beginning, the new company specialized in selling CNC machine tools and it quickly became an important reference point for all mechanical companies operating nationwide.

The key to Overmach‘s success lies in its constant wide availability of new and used machine tools, combined with a thorough pre and post-sales assistance.

At today, Overmach S.p.a. is considered a stable leader in the Italian market and now has over 250 employees. The headquarters occupy an area of approximately 60,000 m2, with 22,000 m2 covered by warehouses, showrooms, and offices. Additionally, the company benefits from a network of commercial branches headquartered in Modena, Vicenza, Turin, Tortona, Brescia, and Cuggiono (Milan).

Over the years, Overmach S.p.a. has expanded by creating an articulated group and specialized technical divisions, aiming to provide a wholesome and competent response to all market needs.

The company is structured internally into the following divisions:

  • Overmach Prototyping,
  • Overmach Tools,
  • Overmach Service e
  • Overmach Engineering.

At today, the group consists of the following companies:

  • Overmach Spa,
  • Overmach Usato Spa,
  • Osl Srl,
  • Car Service Srl,
  • Passtech Machine
  • Tools ME Ltd.