Since the start, OSL’s goal has always been to be perceived not only as a mere “product supplier” but a real technological partner.

In this direction, over all these years, OSL has demonstrated its reliability and professionalism, striving to leverage the experience gained in the field and staying updated on new technologies available in the market. This ensures the delivery of increasingly innovative and comprehensive IT systems, supported by competent and qualified personnel in both IT and consultancy/organizational fields.

OSL, through the software GP90 or other integrated IT systems, has proven to be the right technological partner for many different industries, such as: turning, machine construction, sheet metal working, tube processing, precision mechanics, mechanical construction, light carpentry, heavy carpentry, gear construction, mold making, plant construction, stamping, die-casting, and more.

It is also interesting to note that via a survey conducted among customers the following positive results were achieved.

optimisazion of production resources 20%
improvement in on-time delivery 20~30%
reduction in information search time 70%
Decrease in inventories 20~35%
Reduction in missing pieces 75%
speed in answering customers 60%
reduction in error-related times 40~60%

From Mechanics… for Mechanics

OSL was officially established in the early 1990s within the GruppoCMS of Marano, when a “pool” of IT specialists was consulted to create an on-site system for managing and collecting production data.

Currently, the companies in the group, specializing in the metalworking sector, share the common vision of seeing the enterprise as a way of realizing a project, a driver of development, understood to create and spread the well-being and the growth of individuals from a cultural, economic, and social perspective, the promotion of the territory, and it is used as a tool for improvement.

Each company, while sharing group objectives, defines its mission individually, leveraging its own features and strengths.

OSL is the benchmark for technological and IT improvement.